Why Choose To Rent A Jumobtron for The Kentucky Derby

LED Screens & Jumbotrons


It is acknowledged that the Kentucky Derby is one the most popular horse racing events of all time. For this reason, it attracts virtually millions of fans worldwide. Its entertainment, fan base, and rich traditions, make it more of a culture than just a sporting event. As from 1875, The Kentucky Derby has been broadcasted using different media. Presently, the event enjoys digital benefits that come with the use of an led video screen. As a matter of fact, the top led screen rental service companies like the Visual Impact Productions are experiencing an exponential growth because of the advantages associated with the latest broadcast technology.

Top Benefits Associated With Jumobtrons

A jumobtron is the largest non-projection video display technology that is known to mankind-and a must-have when showing popular events like The Kentucky Derby. Overall, this mobile led screen offers many advantages including but not limited to;

Generally, jumobtrons will add value to any event may it be a concert, sporting event, or anything in this line. This is why it is easier to create buzz as well as get people involved as the event progresses. In fact, getting feedback becomes as easy as counting 123.

With a jumobtron that you will not only be able to engage your audience, but also add social media tags. If you are looking to spread word faster, then definitely you should rent from a reliable company that has years of experience.

You can easily display sponsor ads, show your appreciation, and at the same time statistics that come with event. For instance, with the Kentucky Derby not only will you be able to show statistics of winners like 2015 winner American pharaoh, 2014 California chrome, 2013 orb, but also their jockey, owner, trainer, and time taken.

You will be able to get the best resolution no matter the event. It cannot get better than this when it comes to clarity of images, color, and anything that determines quality. As a matter of fact, the beauty of any game lies how it is broadcast to the larger audience.

The weather is not a problem when using a jumobtron rental as it can work well both indoors and outdoors irrespective of whether it is at night or day. Additionally, most drapes and modules allow you to create screens of varying shapes and sizes. In this case, your unique needs shall always be met without any problem at all.

Many Benefits From Using A Jumbotron At Your Event

The fact that jumobtrons come with many benefits does not guarantee success, you need a reliable and experienced partner. In the case of the Kentucky Derby, you can take advantage of Visual Impact production offers. You will not only get the best on the market, but also a business partner that is well versed with all kinds of LED screens.

Last but not least, it is highly recommended that you clearly outline your unique needs to avoid any confusion prior to renting any mobile led screen. The good news is that with a reliable company this cannot be a problem as you will be advised accordingly. Overall, the company you hire will either make or break your day.