Tips for Camping with Your Horse

Camping With Your Best Friend

Well, the season finally arrived. What season am I referring to? The one in which you said you would make the leap to take your horse camping! While it might seem like an overwhelming ordeal, fear not; I have several tips for you that will ensure your trip goes off without a hitch. You’ll be under the stars in no time with your best friend, thinking about what lies ahead (a full day of riding and trekking new terrain!)

Camping with a Horse

Matching sleeping bag and horse cover optional.

Common Questions

This freedom to go where you haven’t gone with your horse before can make people apprehensive. Common questions I get are typically:

  • What should I pack for my camp?
  • What will my horse eat?
  • Will my horse be okay camping throughout the night

To make this less scary, we sought out the opinions of the pros to answer these questions. A trail rider who is also an equine veterinarian, Josh Wilkins, decided to chime in on this. Thankfully we have his expert advice on this.

First things first Josh told us that it is best to keep you trip to a one night stay in the beginning. This will acclimate your horse to your new surroundings. If possible, bring along a friend who can help you who has camped with a horse before, or hire a guide.

What To Pack

Next thing you want to do is be sure that you bring the right supplies. If you’re looking for a tent rental in Houston, Find Me A Tent is a great provider for the whole state of Texas. They have a variety of different tents available for all sorts of occasions. Find Me A Tent Texas is sure to have something for every occasion; not only do they have tents for camping, they also have them for parties and events. They can even set you up with the best wedding tent rental as well, if you’re deciding to tie the knot on horseback like these people:

Wedding on Horseback

Get Hitched on Your Horse!

Pretty cool, huh? Most people aren’t even aware that it’s a thing, but getting married on horseback is becoming more popular. What better way to tie the knot than doing it with your two best friends! Houston is a great city to do it in as well, as people love their horses in Houston!

What Should I Feed My Horse

Another common question we get is what exactly do you bring for food? Now you might be tempted to give your horse a special treat, but this is not smart, per Josh’s instructions. When you are planning on going riding the next day, it is absolutely crucial that your horse eats what he is used to having, as a new food group introduced to his or her diet could cause the trail ride to go poorly.

If you’d like to find a list of different camping spots for your camping trip in Houston, you can go here.

Last but not least, remember to have fun!