Human body is a machine which needs regular activity otherwise it will get jammed. There are many ways to stay fit and to get your body into some fun. Water sports is one of the way. There are are many water sports which keep us healthy as well as also entertain us. Some of them are

1. Swimming: It has been known to human from prehistoric period. In this sports, we use upper and lower body strength to move forward in water. This makes our respiratory and other muscles in the body strong. It is a activity that can be both useful and recreational. It is a good way of exercise. It is a very effective and essential form of sports.

2. Water Aerobics: What should we say about this beautiful and masterpiece form of sports. This sports is just awesome. It looks marvelous and charming. Here the performer do the aerobic act in water just like dolphin in sea. This sports increases the the flexibility of the human muscle and make it strong enough to do the aerial acts.

3.Water Diving: Diving is also a one kind of water sports that people love to play. In this sports, the performer dives from above the ground into water in a straight linear position with their hand pointing forward.

4.Water Polo: It is a sport played in water with a ball. It is a team is similar to hand ball.Players try to get the ball into the goal more than the opposite team. It is played in a pool.Each team has six players and a goalkeeper. Players must be good in swimming and must be able to handling the ball.

5. Triathlon: It is the hardest difficult water game. Usually it consists of three different events without resting in between. Usually they are swimming, cycling and running.

6. Synchronized swimming: It is performed in water. In this game the performer needs to perform routine in sync with music, like dancing. It is also a one of the toughest water sports as the performer needs both cardio and muscular power. It requires a good capacity of location in three dimensions in the water while the performers are performing.

7. Surfing: It is the most entertaining water sports. People love to do it as it nearly challenge our dare. In this sports, the performer ride on their surfing boat on the surface of the ocean waves or artificial wave pools.

8. Paddle Boarding: It is becoming the new surfing of 2016. Paddle boarding has blown up in popularity and has been proven it might be the most popular water sport. It is an easy spot to learn (sup beginners guide) and the boards are very affordable we recommend this guy for the best paddle boards. If you are looking for an easy water sport to where you can take a inflatable sup out to your nearest beach or river. Then we recommend paddle boarding to any beginner or advanced surfer.