Why Choose To Rent A Jumobtron for The Kentucky Derby

LED Screens & Jumbotrons


It is acknowledged that the Kentucky Derby is one the most popular horse racing events of all time. For this reason, it attracts virtually millions of fans worldwide. Its entertainment, fan base, and rich traditions, make it more of a culture than just a sporting event. As from 1875, The Kentucky Derby has been broadcasted using different media. Presently, the event enjoys digital benefits that come with the use of an led video screen. As a matter of fact, the top led screen rental service companies like the Visual Impact Productions are experiencing an exponential growth because of the advantages associated with the latest broadcast technology.

Top Benefits Associated With Jumobtrons

A jumobtron is the largest non-projection video display technology that is known to mankind-and a must-have when showing popular events like The Kentucky Derby. Overall, this mobile led screen offers many advantages including but not limited to;

Generally, jumobtrons will add value to any event may it be a concert, sporting event, or anything in this line. This is why it is easier to create buzz as well as get people involved as the event progresses. In fact, getting feedback becomes as easy as counting 123.

With a jumobtron that you will not only be able to engage your audience, but also add social media tags. If you are looking to spread word faster, then definitely you should rent from a reliable company that has years of experience.

You can easily display sponsor ads, show your appreciation, and at the same time statistics that come with event. For instance, with the Kentucky Derby not only will you be able to show statistics of winners like 2015 winner American pharaoh, 2014 California chrome, 2013 orb, but also their jockey, owner, trainer, and time taken.

You will be able to get the best resolution no matter the event. It cannot get better than this when it comes to clarity of images, color, and anything that determines quality. As a matter of fact, the beauty of any game lies how it is broadcast to the larger audience.

The weather is not a problem when using a jumobtron rental as it can work well both indoors and outdoors irrespective of whether it is at night or day. Additionally, most drapes and modules allow you to create screens of varying shapes and sizes. In this case, your unique needs shall always be met without any problem at all.

Many Benefits From Using A Jumbotron At Your Event

The fact that jumobtrons come with many benefits does not guarantee success, you need a reliable and experienced partner. In the case of the Kentucky Derby, you can take advantage of Visual Impact production offers. You will not only get the best on the market, but also a business partner that is well versed with all kinds of LED screens.

Last but not least, it is highly recommended that you clearly outline your unique needs to avoid any confusion prior to renting any mobile led screen. The good news is that with a reliable company this cannot be a problem as you will be advised accordingly. Overall, the company you hire will either make or break your day.


Tips for Camping with Your Horse

Camping With Your Best Friend

Well, the season finally arrived. What season am I referring to? The one in which you said you would make the leap to take your horse camping! While it might seem like an overwhelming ordeal, fear not; I have several tips for you that will ensure your trip goes off without a hitch. You’ll be under the stars in no time with your best friend, thinking about what lies ahead (a full day of riding and trekking new terrain!)

Camping with a Horse

Matching sleeping bag and horse cover optional.

Common Questions

This freedom to go where you haven’t gone with your horse before can make people apprehensive. Common questions I get are typically:

  • What should I pack for my camp?
  • What will my horse eat?
  • Will my horse be okay camping throughout the night

To make this less scary, we sought out the opinions of the pros to answer these questions. A trail rider who is also an equine veterinarian, Josh Wilkins, decided to chime in on this. Thankfully we have his expert advice on this.

First things first Josh told us that it is best to keep you trip to a one night stay in the beginning. This will acclimate your horse to your new surroundings. If possible, bring along a friend who can help you who has camped with a horse before, or hire a guide.

What To Pack

Next thing you want to do is be sure that you bring the right supplies. If you’re looking for a tent rental in Houston, Find Me A Tent is a great provider for the whole state of Texas. They have a variety of different tents available for all sorts of occasions. Find Me A Tent Texas is sure to have something for every occasion; not only do they have tents for camping, they also have them for parties and events. They can even set you up with the best wedding tent rental as well, if you’re deciding to tie the knot on horseback like these people:

Wedding on Horseback

Get Hitched on Your Horse!

Pretty cool, huh? Most people aren’t even aware that it’s a thing, but getting married on horseback is becoming more popular. What better way to tie the knot than doing it with your two best friends! Houston is a great city to do it in as well, as people love their horses in Houston!

What Should I Feed My Horse

Another common question we get is what exactly do you bring for food? Now you might be tempted to give your horse a special treat, but this is not smart, per Josh’s instructions. When you are planning on going riding the next day, it is absolutely crucial that your horse eats what he is used to having, as a new food group introduced to his or her diet could cause the trail ride to go poorly.

If you’d like to find a list of different camping spots for your camping trip in Houston, you can go here.

Last but not least, remember to have fun!




Human body is a machine which needs regular activity otherwise it will get jammed. There are many ways to stay fit and to get your body into some fun. Water sports is one of the way. There are are many water sports which keep us healthy as well as also entertain us. Some of them are

1. Swimming: It has been known to human from prehistoric period. In this sports, we use upper and lower body strength to move forward in water. This makes our respiratory and other muscles in the body strong. It is a activity that can be both useful and recreational. It is a good way of exercise. It is a very effective and essential form of sports.

2. Water Aerobics: What should we say about this beautiful and masterpiece form of sports. This sports is just awesome. It looks marvelous and charming. Here the performer do the aerobic act in water just like dolphin in sea. This sports increases the the flexibility of the human muscle and make it strong enough to do the aerial acts.

3.Water Diving: Diving is also a one kind of water sports that people love to play. In this sports, the performer dives from above the ground into water in a straight linear position with their hand pointing forward.

4.Water Polo: It is a sport played in water with a ball. It is a team is similar to hand ball.Players try to get the ball into the goal more than the opposite team. It is played in a pool.Each team has six players and a goalkeeper. Players must be good in swimming and must be able to handling the ball.

5. Triathlon: It is the hardest difficult water game. Usually it consists of three different events without resting in between. Usually they are swimming, cycling and running.

6. Synchronized swimming: It is performed in water. In this game the performer needs to perform routine in sync with music, like dancing. It is also a one of the toughest water sports as the performer needs both cardio and muscular power. It requires a good capacity of location in three dimensions in the water while the performers are performing.

7. Surfing: It is the most entertaining water sports. People love to do it as it nearly challenge our dare. In this sports, the performer ride on their surfing boat on the surface of the ocean waves or artificial wave pools.

8. Paddle Boarding: It is becoming the new surfing of 2016. Paddle boarding has blown up in popularity and has been proven it might be the most popular water sport. It is an easy spot to learn (sup beginners guide) and the boards are very affordable we recommend this guy for the best paddle boards. If you are looking for an easy water sport to where you can take a inflatable sup out to your nearest beach or river. Then we recommend paddle boarding to any beginner or advanced surfer.



MONACO - MAY 11:  Sebastian Vettel of Germany and Red Bull Racing shoots on goal during the football charity match between the Monaco star team and the team of formula one driver "Nationale piloti" at Stade Luis II on May 11, 2010 in Monaco, Monaco.  (Photo by Vladimir Rys/Bongarts/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** Sebastian Vettel

Sports is the best part of a person’s lifestyle. Soccer is the (European football) it is the most famous sport in the world because of how amazing it is with its simple rules and building exercises. For one to play soccer they require one ball, few players and sporting attitude. The players should always have a clear mind. Secondly, we have the American Football which is also referred to as the “game of Americans” that is because it is their US football, therefore not the same as European Football. Rugby is the most rough sport which is found in many countries .

It is the same as the American Football. Rugby involves more running like soccer, and in a way one needs to take transitions like those of basketball. Basketball is a sport that is always played on the court. the players of this sport must have the best capacity to jump high or they must be tall in order to be good scorers. it is a sport that is played all over the world in championships and leagues etc. most of this sport is the American Basketball. Baseball is widely known as the national sport to USA .

It is good for passing time during leisure as it does not use much energy. Ice Hockey is is a great sport which is full of drama. It is a risky sport in which the participants should be well protected. It is commonly in the Northern and Central Europe, USA, Russia, Kazakhstan etc. Most famous federation is NHL of USA and Canada. The players need to have a god mastery of the sport skills. Tennis is an outdoor sport which has two to four players.

It is a wonderful sport which requires brilliant players. It is a great sport too. it is a sport of less people, it requires a tennis court. It is a real emotional sport. Volleyball is a great popular Olympic sport which usually attracts many spectators. It is a sport with skills that make the sport so dramatic! It has a team of six players that consists of a spikier, a booster and main players. It usually has great turnovers which always captivates the spectators. In case of a tie, more time is allocated to the players until there is one team that scoops the set.

Lastly, the major sport which is unforgettable is the Olympics. This requires best sprinters, those who can go for long distance, short and relays. This is inclusive of the long jump and high jump. These sports are the best for recreation, exercise and entertainment.